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Swing Like a Pro is bundled with short videos that cover the golf swing and putting basics. These training tips augment the swing analysis to further help golfers adjust and improve their swings. Golfcepts is a Leader Sponsor of the Golf Fore …

The iNSTA-Pro Golf Swing Analyzer is the most advanced Golf Swing Video Analysis tool available for your iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod Touch™ Pro golfers (like Phil Mickelson, above) often go well past parallel on the their backswings. But for amateur golfers, a longer backswing can be detrimental. More »

Top 10 Best Swings in Professional Golf for 2015Absolutely the best golf video ever made, period. Jim McLellans "The perfect swing" are the #1 golf instruction videos. Golf Instruction that is

Golf Drills With Alignment Sticks They’re alignment sticks, … and even uses them for chipping and putting drills. … At Cowboys Golf Club, Humphries often uses the sticks to focus on swing plane. Using golf alignment sticks will really help you with drills and a large variety of other activities. Use golf alignment sticks with help from an experienced golf

… skills on display at the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am in Shenzhen, China, alongside LPGA star Natalie Gulbis. Gulbis posted this video on her Instagram page: While his golf swing may not be ideal, can you imagine how far he …

This unbelievably difficult bunker shot at the last somehow ended with a hole-out birdie that …

As you can see, we literally have hundreds of golf instruction videos on our site that are completely unique. Why are our golf swing videos unique?

You really can build a perfect golf swing by following our highly advanced online golf swing training program! Our golf instruction videos are backed by a panel of … This 80-minute video breaks down the golf swing into eight steps. Think of each step as a point to stop and check your swing – is your swing in the right position … More » Here are some full swing golf tips that might help you improve your play in the long game. Note: A … Video: Driver fundamentals – hitting long, straight drives. More »

Extensive collection of golf videos and photos from tournaments around the world. Web exclusive clips and video from Golf Channel’s top shows.

This week, PGA professional Michael Kernicki of Canterbury Golf Club in Beachwood explains how to fix an outside-in swing. Need help with your game? Explain your problem to in an email. We will select one each week. … The history of golf includes multiple examples of major winners who one day were on top … as he starts the 2015 season with a new coach and trying to implement swing changes. … In 1989 he won the PGA Tour Colonial … More » Watch dozens of golf instruction videos covering various lesson topics, all … Watch this overview of golf swing fundamentals to get an understanding of those basics. …. 2 New York Jets playing Washington, DC Redski… More » Former LPGA touring pro and current teaching pro Debbie Steinbach explains why women need a wider golf … Venus Takes a Stance on Women's Golf Swings. More »

Most pro golfers have unique golf swing sequences that help keep their golf game competitive.