Improve My Golf Driving Distance

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How do I improve my golf driving distance ? I hear this question daily. This is the dream of almost every amateur golfer. To hit it longer. But to improve golf driving distance isn’t what you think. No it’s not your equipment. It’s not pounding …

If you are like many golfers, you want to achieve more distance with your driver. Once you are certain that you are using clubs that are fitted for you, concentrate … The key to hitting the ball farther with the modern driver and golf ball (which … do to increase launch angle and decrease spin rate, thus increasing your distance … More »

Golf strength and conditioning specialists are constantly coming up with better ways to train golfers and improve their … increase their driving distance. Here are four exercises that, if done consistently, will add distance to your drives and all …

Core exercise for golf. You’ve probably heard this phrase mentioned on the television a time or to. This is the area that Vijay works on the most with his golf trainer and it seems to be working for him. He’s driving it longer and straighter and … Jun 13, 2015 … Increasing your smash factor will lead to an increase in the distance you are … For example, if Golfer Bob swings his driver at 100 mph, and … More » Swing mechanics, golf strength and equipment each play roles. … can improve your golf strength, take a look at one of my favorites – the Seated Russian Twist.). More »

Golfsense Uk Introducing GolfSense, the world’s first portable 3D sensor system … With a full set being available for as little as £99.99 from online stores such as Direct Golf UK, there really is no excuse as to why you can’t pick up a set and get onto … We’ve seen golf sensors before at Pocket-lint, with

Do your golf club distances vary each time you swing the golf club? This golf club distances chart shows you where you should be and how to improve both your The 7-8-9 golf drill is for pitch shots, and will help you learn your pitching distances and establish consistent … Achieve Consistent Distances on Pitch Shots with 7-8-9 Drill ….. Know Your Golf Scoring Terms: Bir… More »

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Mechanics. Many golfers find the toughest thing about golf is maintaining a consistent swing. This results in sliced or hooked shots.

Golf Driving Tips: How to Increase Your Driver Distance - National University Golf This article offers guidelines for parents who want to help their young golfers add … but when it comes to swing mechanics, what works for adults works for kids. More »

Golf Swing Plane App Android Oct 19, 2016 … All of this data is sent by to an app for analysis, of course. Other devices for other sports include: Arccos Golf Tracking System – $400; Zepp Baseball Swing Analyzer – $150 …. The 5 Best Fitness Ap… More » Staying Connected In The Golf Swing Swing the medicine